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Welcome to the Vaal Tennis Club

We are situated in the heart of the Vaal triangle in Vanderbijlpark. We invite you to join us for social tennis every Saturday and during the week on Wednesdays.

For the more serious player, we arrange competitive tournaments through the year.

You can even arrange games with players that are on your level. You can play as a visitor if you want to test the waters or you can join the club to have full access to all the club facilities.

If you want to play at night under floodlights, it can be arranged.

Do you need a coach?  No problem we can set you up with a couch of your liking.

JOIN US today and build your game.



The club have an long history of extraordinary players. See the gallery for more information

Our Vision

To provide facility’s that will allow all tennis enthusiast to enjoy the game of tennis.

Our Mission

To promote tennis in the Vaal Triangle and to ensure that we build tennis with good management and comitment to the game. – Tennis for Life –

Latest News About Tennis

Racket Selection

Here are some of the key considerations when selecting the right tennis racket:

1. Racket head size

2. Racket weight distribution

3. Grip size

Tennis Injury Prevention

Two-thirds of tennis injuries are due to overuse and the other one-third is due to a traumatic injury or acute event. Overuse injuries most often affect the shoulders, wrists, and elbows.

See – https://goo.gl/Aviq4w

Best Tennis Drills

The best tennis drills for competitive tennis players listed below can benefit every player regardless of skill.

Some of the best tennis drills are unorthodox, but always incorporate an element of fun and are competitive in nature.

Make Tennis Fun

14 Ideas to Make Tennis Lessons Fun at Any Level

Selecting Tennis Shoes

Tennis is an active, physical game, and your feet bear the brunt of the abuse. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just stepping on to the court for the first time, choosing a tennis shoe is an essential part of the game. There’s no shortage of playing styles and court surfaces in tennis, and thus no shortage of various tennis shoes.


The tennis mind game is a key part of becoming a better tennis player.

Even recreational tennis players can learn important secrets of the tennis mind game.